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Welcome to BAH Travels, your trusted partner in visa services for UAE, Schengen countries, and various European destinations. With a commitment to excellence, we specialize in facilitating seamless visa applications, ensuring a hassle-free experience for travelers. Our dedicated team navigates the intricacies of visa processes, providing expert guidance and support.

Explore the world with confidence as we extend our services to include city tours, offering curated experiences in captivating destinations. From historical landmarks to vibrant cultural hubs, our short city tours promise an enriching journey. Discover the beauty of travel with BAH Travels, where your adventure begins with unparalleled visa services and unforgettable city tours.

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We offer top-tier visa services tailored to meet your needs. Our expert team ensures a seamless and efficient visa application process, providing guidance and support at every step. Trust us for reliable and hassle-free visa services that prioritize your convenience and peace of mind.

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Book with Us for expertly tailored travel packages and reliable, efficient service. Experience a journey that exceeds expectations.

VisaProcess Multiple Award winning company

We've received Certificate of Excellence award from VisaProcess , the world's largest travel website.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your destination requirement. We'll work together to customize your destination to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable destination .

Local Experts. Middle-man Free Pricing

We're a local travel agency. When you book with us, you get instant visa service with best possible price, which is middle-man free.

No Hidden Charges

We don't add hidden extras cost. All trips include travel permit, visa process and fooding. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

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